Artist Claudia Palmira, a native New Yorker, lives and works in Rome since 2006. Her work looks back at cultural icons and forward to the representations and juxtapositions available through new technologies. The result is a distinctly contemporary oeuvre replete with references to the works of masters of the Roman, Renaissance and Baroque periods, whose marks appear everywhere around her adopted city. The works revisit the visual poetics of the past and encourage a fresh look at iconic landmarks that have paved the path of art history.

Mixing representation and abstract expression, always with an eye on the rich past, her mixed media paintings and digital collages demonstrate what has been called “a refined classical and modern sensibility that meet in an ethereal, spiritual universe of her own creation.” She has begun to develop a strong following on both sides of the Atlantic, with critically acclaimed exhibits.

Founder her eponymous design studio, she has led digital design projects for many international clients, including Bulgari Hotels, The Vatican, NBC TV’s Montel Williams Show, the United Nations; she has designed several bestsellers and other projects for Simon & Schuster and Condé Nast. Her art book designs include retrospectives on Orientalism in Western Art and Masterpieces of Italian Futurism. Called  “the designer’s designer” by House Beautiful magazine, she has expanded into fine art.

In 2020, she launched a signature line of art-as-objects, entitled Clù, expressions of beauty on unusual functional pieces.

Claudia received her B.A. in Art and Art History from Mount Holyoke College, which named her the Country Delegate in Italy to their European Council. She lives in Rome’s Prati neighborhood with her husband, photographer Mauro Benedetti, and their son, Ludovico Benedetti. Follow Claudia on Instagram for her latest news.

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